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Katrien De Graeve

Postdoctoral researcher

Katrien De Graeve is a postdoctoral researcher of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO), affiliated to the Department of Languages and Cultures of Ghent University, and member of the Centre for Research on Culture and Gender. In 2012, she completed her PhD at the Department of Comparative Sciences of Culture at Ghent University with a critical analysis of intensive parenting practices in Belgian-Ethiopian adoptive families. In 2013-2014, she was a visiting fellow of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (Finland), where she conducted a study on the relations of care in the context of transnational adoption and guardianship of unaccompanied minors. Her first postdoc research projects explored the concept of care ethics through an empirical study of care relationships of unaccompanied minors in Belgium. In her current research project (2016-2019), she has shifted focus to the study of sexuality/romantic relationships and discourses of exclusivity and plurality in light of the normative two-parent nuclear family.