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Christof Bex

PhD student

Christof Bex is a doctoral researcher at the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO), affiliated to the Department of Languages and Cultures of Ghent University, and member of the Centre for Research on Culture and Gender. He has been awarded a four year fellowship for his project “Global Families, Global Inequalities: The Politics of Relinquishment and Reunion in Transnational Adoption. Perspectives of First Families, Adoption Intermediaries and Anti-adoption Activists in Andean Bolivia”.

He holds a master’s degree in Sociology (2015, magna cum laude) and Gender and Diversity Studies (2016, magna cum laude). In 2016 he won the DiverGent Thesis Prize for his master’s thesis on the educational trajectories of unaccompanied minors. In the same year he was a also board member of the Flemish Adoption Support Centre. In 2017 he has worked at the Flemish Central Authority for Adoption.  He is also member of several local and international adoptee organizations and is founder of Network of Bolivian Adoptees.