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Chia Longman


Ghent University

My main research interest is the relationship between gender equality and cultural diversity and how this relationship (tensions and creativity) is played out in different inter-personal, societal and discursive domains. I supervise projects from gender-critical and qualitative research perspectives in the areas of kinship and parenting/mothering, migration and multiculturalism; cultural bodily practices; feminist and LGBTQ+ identities and activism; and secularism, religion and spirituality.

I have previously conducted ethnographic research on women’s agency and identity in the Orthodox Jewish community of Antwerp, and am currently working on a project entitled ‘Post-secular femininities’ that looks at the way femininity is being redefined among women active in the growing area of spirituality and wellbeing practices including women’s coaching, circles and festivals across Europe.

Publications include Interrogating Harmful Cultural Practices: Gender, Culture and Coercion, Routledge, 2015 (with T. Bradley); Féminisme et multiculturalisme. Les paradoxes du débat, Peter Lang, 2010 (with G. Coene) and various book chapters and articles in journals such as Citizenship Studies; Ethnicities; European Journal of Women’s Studies; Religion & Gender; Religions; Social Anthropology; Social Compass.