RHEA (VUB) and the Centre for Research on Culture and Gender (CRCG) at Ugent are proud to announce the launch of ECSO (Ethics, Culture & Society): an alliance research group in which both partners will cooperate, exchange, organize and stimulate research. Both research groups share an interest in the study of difference, diversity, identity and inequality – particularly in intersections of gender, ethnicity, religion and sexuality. ECSO brings together researchers with a background in feminist theory, anthropology, migration studies, ethics and sexuality studies, and stimulates research on topics such: as harmful cultural practices; gender, sexuality and embodiment; normative frameworks in healthcare; secular spiritualities; gender and Islam and sexual rights and health. It continues a longstanding cooperation between the centres, that has already resulted in common publications and research projects.


The aim of the alliance research group is to integrate existing cooperation initiatives into a formal research structure, so that these can be better valorised and further developed.

Gily Coene


Chia Longman